A Quick Tip on Hiring a Good Web Designer

Nowadays, it’s easy for anyone with minimal online design and graphics experience to call themselves a web designer. The same goes for so-called web design agencies made up of ‘designers’ who have a flimsy understanding of what the field calls for.

Sadly, many of these are actually artists. They have a keen eye for visual elements, layout, typography, and images, which is great for aesthetic value. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they can give you what your business needs.

In an industry full of mediocre web designers, how do you spot a good one?

In our Dallas web design company, we firmly believe great web design is much more than simply creating a stylish webpage with snazzy content. For us, it’s about meeting our client’s sales objectives through lead generation, website optimization, and online marketing — developing and applying strategies to convert visitors into loyal paying customers and ultimately increase sales for our client. We offer substance, and we deliver measurable, trackable, and sustainable results.


Today we’re sharing a quick but effective method for determining what makes a good designer or design agency to hire for your business.

Here’s our tip: Visit your prospective designer’s (or agency’s) website and read their copy.

If most of the words you see include those like stylish, passion, elegant, branding, innovative, creative, awesome, personal, minimalist, brand recognition, brand creation, different, style, clean, modern, trendy, actionable, urban, functional, or attractive, steer clear.

If the content is more focused on ideas like percentages in sales, revenue, and traffic, or increasing your revenue, lead generation, data analysis, mobile responsive, building trust, increasing conversion rate, increasing social engagement, increasing market reach and interaction, growing organic traffic, analytics, white hat SEO, decreasing CPC and CPA, increasing page ranking, and paying customers, then you’re good.

Your website is an important marketing platform for your business. So your designer’s job is to provide you with a website that delivers concrete and measurable benefits.

Designers who understand this will make it a top priority to adapt their website design to meet your business objectives, not the other way around. Mediocre designers will throw around several buzzwords, dazzling you with flair and features that you cannot directly translate into tangible value.

Naturally, you’ll want a beautiful website, but more importantly, you’ll want a beautiful website that works for you.

If still in doubt, ask yourself, “Is this designer/agency more focused on making themselves look good to their customers or making me look good to my customers? Are their promises aligned with my company’s bottom line?”

And that’s how you find out whether or not you’re hiring a good designer.

For more insights on how a great website design can help you meet your short-term and long-term business goals, consult us for free today.