Best Apps For Taking Care of Your Eyesight

When you work as hard as our Dallas web design team, you deserve the best apps to help your productivity, especially when you work plenty of late hours on your desktop or mobile device.

Success comes at a price. And many times, this price means working long hours on your device to make sure that everything in your enterprise is running smoothly. You can’t and won’t cut corners, but when you drive yourself hard at work, one of the first and main issues you physically have to deal with is eyestrain.

It’s easy to work on your device when your ambient light is properly optimized. At night, however, your eyes tend to be tired, and the blue light emanating from your device’s monitor can and will add to the strain.


At first, it may be merely a niggling inconvenience. But when you work online for extended hours over a prolonged period, you’ll feel the nasty aftereffects of running your eyes to the ground. It can be pervasive, and in the worst-case scenario, it can result in permanent damage.

If your eyes aren’t at their best, it will negatively unravel your hard work and even your savings in the long run.

To help avert this, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps in the market that will help adjust and dim your screen light according to the time, so you can work late into the night with ease and save your eyes.



f.lux is a desktop app that converts your monitor’s blue light into a warmer red or orange light once sunset hits. Simply indicate your location and sunrise time, and the app will take care of the rest.


Dimmer lowers your screen brightness beyond the minimum range, and can be safely used on any type of desktop monitor. It’s portable, so unlike other apps that need installation, it only needs to be extracted into a folder and run.

Turn Off the Lights

This is a browser extension that allows you to darken the screen area surrounding a video that you’re watching to replicate the feel of watching inside a darkened room, reducing eyestrain. This works on various video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as social networking sites with embedded videos.


PangoBright is a lightweight screen dimmer that lets you choose your screen brightness. It’s the only Windows utility that allows the user to work with multiple monitors, as well as choose the fade color.


This screen dimmer lets you choose from 10 brightness settings to dim your screen with a mouse click or keyboard shortcut. It works with all screens and doesn’t require installation.



Night Screen

This app reduces your screen’s brightness lower than your phone’s default settings by using a filter overlay. It also allows you to keep the screen on while the app is running, and has a blue light filter to promote better sleep.


Just like f.lux, Twilight automatically adjusts blue light from your monitor into a muted shade of red when night falls at your location. This makes for easier viewing. The Pro version offers more options like preset profiles, adjustable transition times, etc.


Lux’s best feature is automatic screen brightness adjustment, and it can reduce the screen brightness below your device’s default setting. It also shifts screen hue from blue to red to minimize eye strain for nighttime users.


This widget lets you adjust screen brightness according to six settings: Minimum (8%), Cuarter (25%), Medium (45%), Maximum (100%), Automatic, Nightly Filter, and Diurnal Filter. You can also manually tweak filter settings, including brightness, filter colors and values, and opacity.

Screen Filter

Screen filter is a simple black filter overlay that you tap to activate/deactivate, setting your screen brightness below minimum level. Oce activated, the app offers an option to adjust the brightness.

Night Mode for iPhone

There aren’t any third-party screen dimmer apps for iPhone, so Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta includes a Night Shift feature that automatically changes your iPhone or iPad screen light from blue to a warm yellow, once sunset hits. This feature will be available for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus; and iPad mini 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, and Pro.

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