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3D Tools

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What We Designed:
3D-Tools specializes in manufacturing 3D printing filaments, equipment, tools, and peripherals, so we made sure that their official website showcases their products well.

We built this website on the WordPress Divi theme, which is a highly customizable theme that can be used for just about any niche. In this case, we used it to create a combination design that combines portfolio, product gallery, company blog, and eCommerce functions all in one website.

The home page alone is jampacked with content. From a teaser in the animated image header, to a huge photo gallery of their products, to blog posts with embedded videos, to company details and partners – we featured all these and more in an organized, linear fashion so visitors can clearly see what the company has to offer.

Then there are the other pages, which are just as rich with content. And because this is one of the more multi-layered websites that we have designed, we wanted a highly organized and easily navigated presentation for each page to keep visitors interested no matter where they are in the site.

To create a sense of innovation and creativity, we used a predominantly white, gray, and black color scheme, punctuated by elements in the company’s signature red-orange. Since the company has plenty of featured photos and videos to share with visitors, we decided that a bold yet minimalist layout would showcase the products very well.

About Our Client:
3D-Tools manufactures and provides high-quality 3D printing products and equipment that are friendly to both users and the environment. They specialize in manufacturing filaments derived from recycled organic and industrial waste (coffee, hemp, beer, and glass), and also offer standard 3D printing filaments.

Launch Project:

3D printing supplies

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